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Author Topic: Staying warm - 10 tips to help you keep warm this winter  (Read 1737 times)
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« on: June 18, 2015, 08:19:44 am »

Staying warm this winter
If you are as afraid of the cold as I am, then here are a few tips to help you stay warm this winter.

1.   Exclude the draughts Ė Having cold air rush into your house and warm air escaping is definitely going to cool you down, so one of the first things you should do is to exclude the draughts. Check the windows, doors and airbricks. Airbricks were meant for floor spaces under wooden floors, they should never have been used in walls above floor level.
2.   Keep your head and your feet warm. We lose the most body heat through our heads, so wearing a hat or a beanie will keep our heads, and our ears, nice and snug. Our feet feel cold very quickly, so keeping our feet warm will help in keeping the whole body warm
3.   Use a heated foot-mat. These devices are great energy savers. Simply put, a foot-mat is an electric mat that you plug in and put under your feet, be it at your desk or in front of the television. This firstly keeps your feet warm, as needed in the point above. More than that though, the heat rising from the foot mat will heat your whole body as it rises. If you have a concrete or tiled floor, put a small mat under the foot-mat to stop heat loss into the tiles or concrete.
4.   Put a nice thick blanket under your bed sheet. This stops heat from escaping into your mattress and adds another layer of insulation in your bed. If you use an electric blanket, put it on top of this blanket.
5.   Make sure your roof insulation is up to scratch. Because warm air rises most of your heat could be lost through your ceiling if you donít have adequate insulation. Because it compresses, insulation usually loses its abilities after about ten years, so check that yours is still good.
6.   Keep yourself warm instead of warming your whole house. Wearing a jersey is much cheaper than switching on the heater, and could save you a lot of money.
7.   Wear thermal underwear. Amazingly, some people still donít know what a snug layer thermal underwear makes. It keeps your body heat right in.
8.   Wear shoes or slippers when you get out of bed. Some men think that they are not allowed to be seen dead in slippers, but hereís the truth Ė every time you move your foot it gets put down on a new, cold piece of floor. Now if you are wearing slippers, or ever flip-flops or shoes, the heat stays under your feet, all the time.
9.   Have warm meals like soups and stews. Just the cooking will help heat up your whole house, and then you get to eat it as well, double bargain.
10.   Have a cup of hot chocolate before you go to bed. Because itís nice, thatís why. Tell your bathroom scale that Leon said itís OK, youíre allowed.

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