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Helping you with your building design means we sit together and take into consideration the factors that will influence the building plan. These might include:
  1. What the building is going to be used for.
  2. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc do you need?
  3. The orientation of the building, which will be influenced by the position of the street (ie the vehicle entrance) and where North is (for maximum light and sun/shade).
  4. Municipal services, most notably the sewer connection point.
  5. Are there any building lines and/or servitudes that will be encroached.
  6. Is this a new building or an addition?
  7. What style of building do you require? In other words, what will the building look like from the outside? Modern? Old Transvaal? Or should it simply fit in with what is already in the neighbourhood? In many housing estates, there are Home Owners Organizations that enforce certain design criteria which has to be taken into account.
  8. Energy efficiency in your building. (Note This has nothing to do with making your building eco, green or any of those fancy words. It means making your building comply with SANS 10400XA).
  9. The slope of the site. Obviously, the bigger the slope on the site, the more steps there will be, and thus the more complex the design will be.
Getting the design of the building right is of utmost importance. If it is a house we are designing, you are going to end up living in this house, and therefore it should be comfortable, economical and practical. During the design stage, you might also want to take things like future extensions into account.


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