Building Inspections

A building inspection is a visual inspection, used as a tool in decision making and to aid the process of determining the value and overall condition of a property. Although the subsequent report might highlight superficial or even major damage, it should not be seen as a negative document, but rather as a guide to give the user an overview of the property.

A report such as this can be used by:
Buyers - to aid in deciding whether to buy a property, and to help them to understand the work that will need to be carried out at a property to make the property suite their needs.
Sellers - to give them a better understanding of why their property might be difficult to sell, which part of the property to spruce up or fix, and which parts of their property to showcase to potential buyers.
Third party interest holders such as estate agents and valuators, to gain an understanding of the value of the property.
Homeowners - to gain understanding of what areas of their property might need attention and maintenance.

What does such a building inspection include?

Typically, an inspection and report will include the following items, although these might differ from property to property.
A visual inspection of all accessible parts of property
A report detailing, typically
  1. The overall impression of the property
  2. Security items
  3. Building interior
  4. Building exterior
  5. Yard
  6. Services
  7. Servants’ quarters and/or other outbuildings
  8. Risks at the property
  9. Legal issues that might arise
  10. Further recommendations, if any

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Leon de Kock has eighteen years experience in the architectural field, drawing up building plans for new and existing buildings. He is a SACAP registered architectural professional and a proud member of the South African Institute of Architectural Technologists (SAIAT). His experience can help you gain a better understanding of the condition of a property.


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